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Ariel Submits Izamar Gutierrez…..TWICE

I can die happy now because I can say I’ve gotten Izamar to shoot for 3 kink sites now. She’s been a long time regular on Ultimate Surrender, I got her to shoot for Everything Butt and now she’s on Whipped ass. This season of Ultimate Surrender was somewhat anti climatic with Savanna Fox leaving the summer Vengeance tournament just before the finale due to a knee injury she sustained outside of the industry. Izamar Gutierrez got a the Belt by default. Because I don’t like letting so called champions off the hook too easily, I had Izamar take on her Achilles Heels, Mistress Kara. Izamar just can’t beat that chick. No matter what she does, Kara always gets the best of her. I decided to take on Izamar myself after her horrible performance against Kara. I wanted to find her whole ( and her holes). I found her weaknesses. I let her get some holds on me to find out where her strengths are and at the end of the day, I owned Izamar. I had to punish the so-called champ. I had to really make her hate losing. I wanted her to hate losing so much that she gave it everything she got to win from here on out. Hopefully she will do better against Kara next time. You can see all the crazy things I did to Izamar on US here at  Ultimate Surrender but wait, there’s more. The punishment didn’t stop on US, I dragged her ass to Whippedass and tied her up, suspended her with ropes, fisted her, and fucked her good. you can see that  at Whipped ass


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