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Rematch of the Century Ariel X vs. Mistress Kara 2

Published on June 3rd, 2016 by in Uncategorized
If you can’t tell from recent posts on my blog here, I adore Kara. She’s a solid girl, physically and characteristically. She’s a tough opponent. We had this match scheduled 4 times. The first was November. Kara flew all the way into San Francisco and I took one look at her skinny ghostly face and asked her if she was okay. She told me she had been sick for a week. She had caught the flu. She was willing to take the match but told me she was very weak and asked me just not to hurt her because she wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t want to take the match with her. It really was a no win situation for me had we gone forward with the match. Had she lost, I would have been the bully who beat up on a sick girl. Members would comment on how she looked sick and skinny and if I took her when she was 100%, there would be no way I would have won. If I lost the match ( which would not have happened), I would have lost to a skinny, sick mistress Kara and I would never live it down. Also, Knowing she wasn’t 100%, I wouldn’t have given it 100% myself and the match would have been lackluster.
We rescheduled the match for¬†January. January came and I was injured slightly in a ski accident. I took a pretty bad fall and sprained my MCL. I could walk and I could function but I took some time off training so I could rest and recover my knee which also required a reschedule for the match in February. February came and so did Kara. She flew back up to San Francisco. She pulls me aside and tells me she has bruises on her and wants me to approve her to shoot. I could not approve her. She was black and blue and it wasn’t pretty. Again, I wanted her at 100%, not marked up, not potentially hurt. I rescheduled the match for the end of March. March 30th came. I had spent the entire weekend wrestling for another company, finding where I had holes in my game and where I excelled. I made sure to cut back on weight lifting and wrestling the Monday prior to my shoot with Kara so that I would be in peak condition. I was running a sub 6 minute mile for conditioning up until 2 days before the match and then I went to doing just wind sprints. I’ve been competing for a while so Peaking hasn’t been a problem for me in many years. The match happened.

To watch the full match, Click HERE


3 Responses

  1. gabi

    Great Match. We are Klaus&gabi and a german fan.

  2. gabiklaus

    Hi Arielx,
    you have a nice blog.
    We are a german couple.
    We like to see you on ultimatesurrender.

    dear gabi

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