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Mixed wrestling Match with Me, Wenona, Mona Wales is up on KOD




Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.41.32 PMI recently did a test shoot for kink that involved 100% competitive mixed wrestling. It’s been getting mixed reviews but over all is doing very well.  Its interesting to see comments from guys thinking it’s not competitive, that they guy wasn’t trying. First I’d like to mention that it was 2 girls against 1 guy, the odds were slightly stacked in the women’s favor. Also, I’m a submissions expert. A guy can try to hold me down all day but if he doesn’t’ know how to defend against a submission, he’s going to be tapping all day and night, which is what happened in this match. It’s sad to realize that I’m just TOO good to perform in matches now a days. When I win, people think it’s fake, it’s frustrating to me and frankly insulting. I put so much time and energy into training. To negate my effort by claiming that my victories must be staged or rigged is ignorant, but that’s people and that’s the internet for ya.

If you’d like to see my match please check it out here


I hope to do some more mixed matches for kink in the future ( not so much starring in them but directing) Please check out a forum thread I have on kink for a discussion about whether or not I should put an occasional competitive mixed match on Ultimate Surrender as a bonus. Thank you


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  1. wrestlefan

    You can even see guys commenting on youtube videos of high school girls winning, they often consist of one word "FAKE". It seems to be a reflexive action from a lot of guys, some kind of ego protection.

  2. Ajj

    The video was awesome, both you and Wenona were amazing. I guess the reason why people think this stuff is fake, even when it isn't, is because they see a biggish guy tapping to a 120lb girl they think if this was real he should be able to power out of that hold. Now anyone who's seen the original UFC videos should know this isn't true but most guys can't get their heads around it.

    If you want to make the videos "look" more authentic then I would recommend using smaller guys such as the dudes used in Penny/Daisy mixed match or Jay Wimp. People wouldn't look at those guys and think "he could power out of that hold if he really had to". Not saying it would make the films any more authentic but it would make them "look" more authentic and I suppose that's the name of the game. Also make sure the guys keep quiet, there's nothing more annoying than a loud male wrestler.

    Also I imagine some people would have got a bit frustrated at the fact that you could have scored loads of points yourself but obviously you have your limits and that's totally cool. Keep doing what your doing, use some smaller male wrestlers and the sky will be the limit.

    By the way please visit London again, it would be awesome to see you in person.

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