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Nice Piece by Behind Kink

howdy y’all. Kink did a really nice piece on my taking over of Ultiamte Surrender.  I’ve been having a really great time shooting these matches and directing the round fours. The wrestling directs itself but is extremely stressful. I must constantly be alert and aware of model safety. The job entails a lot of small stressful duties. I can handle having poor sales but I can not handle a model being injured on my watch. I’m thankful that I have the skill and experience to recognize safety issues but it still takes is tole on my heart when I see dangerous predicaments. Ironically enough having shot fake or scripted wrestling matches, I found that most of the injuries I accrued were done in fake wrestling. Real wrestling, for me, was much safer.

Any way I’m having a great time with the round fours. I’m implementing many of my own personal fetishes or comical additions to the round fours for my own amusement. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fisting or cock sucking in round four but if it’s done in every single match it gets a little monotonous. I like to mix things up a little but sometimes I think I go a little far. It will be interesting to see the fan feed back for some of the round 4s coming up to be released.

In other news, I’ve probably answered the same 2 questions 100000 times in the last 2 weeks. I’m gonna answer it here and then I’m just gonna stop answering and just post a link to this blog.

How long will you be out for recover after your ACL repair surgery?

I undergo ACL repair surgery Jan 16th. They are using my Hamstring tendon to repair the ACL on my left knee. The recovery varies person to person so there is no set in stone answer I can give. My doctor says anwhere from 3 to 9 months depending on my body. He says that because I’m in great shape and already athletic it should be closer to 3 months. I will not be doing any competitive matches until I feel 100% recovered and have the doctors “go ahead”.

Will you ever wrestle for Ultimate surrender now that you are the director and ref?

yes I will wrestle for Ultimate Surrender again but probably not this year since I will be recovering. I will not be competing in any of the tournaments. It is a conflict of interest for me to wrestle for a site I direct when there are tournaments involved. I will do exhibition matches only. These matches will be for “entertainment” purposes though they will be the same US rules and same competitive level. I mean entertainment in that the outcome will not be reflected against anyone’s permanent record. So when I do beat the next champion, it will not tarnish her record. 🙂 it will only be done for your entertainment

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  1. Fred

    I'm for sure looking forward to you directing US, it has been somewhat lackluster of late and I hope you can inject some new energy into the site.

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