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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Folks. I went out this last weekend for a big party. I dressed up as super girl and tooks some pix of myself in my hotel room before i went out to the party. I need to be better at taking pictures while I am out at events. I always bring my camera but I never take pictures. BAH> Anyway. nothing too crazy happened at the party. A few weeks back I re-injured my knee. Some of you may know or have read in a previous blog that I tore my ACL a few months back. I’m waiting for my Insurance to schedule me an appointment. In the meantime, while I’ve been waiting for the surgery approval, I have re injured the knee two times. I have notified my insurance company and they are rushing the processes a little more so that I don’t get any worse. So with that said, you should know that I am in pain 24/7. Walking is hard and walking in heels is even harder. I  don’t like being around drunk people currently because they get sloppy and if they bump into me they will probably snap my knee off my body. People drink and do other types of things at parties. People get really excited as well. I was nervous the entire time that some drunk fuck would do something retarded and end up snapping my knee. So I wasn’t able to really relax at the party. I did end up having a good time. I found a lounge chair in the pool area and sat down and made everyone come to me if they wanted to talk or hang out. I felt very safe and pretty flipping sexy sitting in the chair. 🙂 So that was my holiday weekend. Not much else to say. I’m going to a smaller party tonight in Costa Mesa to hang out with my OC people. I love that Halloween is an excuse to dress up like a skank. I would do it anyway but at least now all the other girls are comfortable doing it as well ( cause they are in costume)

without further ado, here is my slutty super girl costume. I bedazzled it myself. I changed the skirt that came with it into shorts and jazzed them up as well. Super girl was blond hence the blond Wig….hmmm…what else.. oh yes and i walked like a champ in the heels even when a lame knee.



3 Responses

  1. Drew

    Wel you always look super now this just proves it 🙂

  2. david_1980_10

    Love the outfit! love the Ariel!
    Kiss your knee, when will u come back to the ultimate surrender?

  3. LarieFanfan

    Great bod…and I like the boots!
    Ever tried with a WW-outfit?

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