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Thank you for the beautiful Bikini off my wishlist

Thank you dear, for the lovely bikini off my wishlist. I love this one. It’ fits well…pushes my titties up high and makes them look even bigger..whoot!!!


Also, someone bought me this awesome dresser which is in the pictures as well..I can’t wear a dresser so I’m sorry I couldn’t model it for you. but please enjoy the sexy pix in the bikini 🙂





3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Love the pictures of you hanging out in your thong. You look so hot and burly when you do that, especially when you reach for your muscular groin. I just hope a penis pops out of your pants so that you can bang me.

  2. JamesPC

    Hot pictures. Love it.

  3. Guest

    Yes. Grab yourself. Fuck me with your big white penis. Do it, boy.

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