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Training of O

A few weeks back I did a shoot for the Trainging of O. I have to admit I was nervous about doing it. I have heard some really tough girls say that it’s one of the hardest things they ever did. So I was a tad intimidated but since I like to push myself and test limits, I eagerly agreed to do the shoot. Everything about the shoot was pretty much a mystery to me until I got on set each day. I knew general stuff, like who I would be working with and what kind of things we’d be doing. Every time we shoot a bondage scene the talent and the producer go over in detail things that can and can NOT be done. The scenes are real but they are also entertainment. No one’s getting really harmed or fucked up in the scene but they are getting some pain. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy the second I saw the girls that JP had me working with. I was thrown an all star cast and I felt extremely honored to be able to work with the ladies I did work with.

The first Day of the shoot was the intake. The intake is done to set up why a girl is chosen and set the tone for what will be done for the training. There were 5 girls in my intake and the director and co dom had to weed through us to find a girl (me) who was worthy of training. I think my brattiness and cockiness made me shine and stickout :). During my interview I got some fist of fury from the amazing Clair Adams. that was rather fun..it hurt like hell but certainly was fun.

When they finally decide that I’m worthy of training, Clair put me in some nice fancy bondage and did me well. She’s rather gifted with her strap on skills. and rather mean when tease and denial. She set the tone for the rest of the week. I knew I was in for some of the things I absolutely hate the most which include and are not limited to; tease and denial, seeing other suffer, foot and nipple torture. My nipples use to be pretty tough but after my breast augmentation they are just so sensative. The slightest touch sends a feeling of shock and electricity through myst chest. It’s not fun at all.

I’ll blog about each day and my experience as they post the updates so you can see some of the stuff I’m talking about . It was a fun shoot. The hardest thing, mentally I’ve ever done. physically it was hard at moments as well. I was brought to tears several times. It was intense.

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