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New FM shoot is up

I did a shoot a while back for fuckingmachines.com ( about a month ago) It had been a while since my last FM shoot. I think the last time  I shot with them was a live show with Abby Darling. I love the machines. I always forget how much fun they are until I see them again. Being a single gal like I am it’s rather refreshing to get pummeled by something and not worry about it falling in love with you or trying to take things to the next level. I don’t have to listen to these machines bitch and complain about their day. I don’t have to worry about the machines lying to me or cheating on me. I don’t have to listen to the machines criticize every thing I do or say…it’s so friggn’ nice. So watch as I enjoy my special time with my special robot boyfriends.


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  1. Anondo

    Damn Ariel, you are muscular! You've got nice biceps. Hope you kick ass in ultimate surrender this year.

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