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Hogtied/ Ultimate Surrender Cross over shoot is up

they updated Hogtied with the shoot Gia and I did the other week. This was one of the toughest shoots i’ve done aside from what I did today for TTOO. Since my surgery I have found that my breasts and especially nipples have gained some sensitivity. The slightest touch to the nips sends me quivering in agony usually. I truly hope this ends soon cause it’s kinda pissing me off. LOL.

The hogtied shoot was awesome. I had a great time. Gia was mean and sexy and dirty and brutal. She makes a great dom. I would love to work with her again. I enjoyed doing the “fake” wrestling for this shoot. We staged a lot of the holds; we didn’t do an actual match we just put the submissions in. Gia is so flexible and light that i was able to put her in some really mean holds and keep her there for a while so we could get good footage. That babe is tough. So she can take it AND dish it out. Well without further ado, here are some stills and if you’d like to see the entire video please join using my affiliate link. xoxox http://www.hogtied.com/track/MTAzNDU3NDozOjE/



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  1. -PC

    OMG!!! So glad you came up with this fantasy, X! It's a lot like something I would request in a custom! Gotta love when the arrogant strong woman gets owned by another woman like that. Wrestling and shower scenes were perfect lead up. U rock! Thanx!

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