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Ultimate Surrender with Beretta James

I did my first US shoot since my surgery. I was put up against a really beautiful girl names Berretta “the pistol” James. She looked almost exactly like Shannyn Sossamon. Barretta was really impressive. She’s a small girl but very strong. She reminds me a little of myself. I was one of the smaller girls on the roster years back but I had deceptive stregth. Berretta is the same way. She may not look strong but she really is.

I really enjoy working with the new girls at US. My favorite kinds of matches are more competitive matches but working with new girls lets me do a couple of things; I get to practice more new moves and it allows me to teach girls which actually forces me to somewhat reinforce the knowledge into my brain.  I sometimes wish I didn’t bother showing girls some things, not because I don’t want them to learn but because some of these girls are one hit wonders. They will do the site one time, decide it’s not for them and then never show up again. I feel like I waste a lot of passion and energy when I train some people. Thankfully a lot of the girls do want to be there and want to get better. Berretta was one of those girls who had a fire in her eye and really wanted to be there. In between rounds I showed her some basic stuff, like use of under hooks and single take downs and double and basic wrist control. She picked up a  a lot of the few things i did show her. I was rather proud of her. However, I couldn’t let my student upshow me so I had to make her work very hard. I never give away points. Girls need to earn them. She did very well but this is a rookie and I am pretty amazing at what I do LOL. enjoy these stills and to see the entire match please click my affilate link. xoxoxo Round 4 had a lot of campy sex play and awesome lift and carries, make sure to check it out

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