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I’m Coming Home

I’m at the airport right now it’s its rather dead. I have time to sit down and blog about my week. I have to blog now because I know as soon as I get home, I will be occupied with family obligations and unable to think and/write. I had a very eventful week and I must say, I am impressed with how well I handeled everything and how well I preformed given that I had many strenuous jobs on my roster for the week.

My week Started on Friday when I flew up to Kink to shoot the remainder of the Hogtied feature with Gia Demarco. The feature will be realeased in a few weeks. Its a crossover of Ultimate Surrender and Hogtied. I think this will be fun for a lot of fans. The footage of the wreslting Gia and I did is not from an actual match so Please do not email me asking when that match will be updated, it was shot purely entertainement and footage for the Hogtied feature.

After Gia dominated me for the hogtied shoot ( which was pretty brutal, one of the toughest shoots I’ve ever done) I hopped on a plane and headed to Vegas to shoot for the good folks at WeBringIt.com. My time in Vegas was pretty busy, when I wasn’t shooting for WBI, I was shooting for other production companies. There were days when I shot from 9:30am to 1:00 am and all of it was really physical stuff. Chantel Lace came up to Vegas to shoot for WBI as well and she is re-opening www.bad-apple.com which is a topless boxing site. So between catfights and boxing matches my forearms are killing me. When  I was done shooting for Bad-Apple, I rushed over to my friend house and shot some Ball Busting for one company and some MMA domination for another company. This is no joke, this was the real deal. I was exhausted by the end of my trip in Vegas. But Vegas wasn’t the end of it. I flew from Vegas to Oakland and performed in a tournament for www.ufglive.com and had to go against some pretty tough opponents, including Isamar Gutierrez. It was a hard core matchup for the tournament. I was spent but that wasn’t the end of my work week. I had one tag team match for Ultimate Surrender last night. I did phenominal, I was very proud of my performance. We had a great showing with lots of great audience members. I had a great time. I will post more about it as the updates go up.

So today I fly home. I set a new record of how many matches I shot in a week. I believe I did 27 matches/video this week alone. I can not wait to get into my own bed and go to my gym and get a real weight work out in. it’s silly that


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