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Catfight League #1 with Dia for Dia-Cember

Well, we have a little over a week left of Dia-cember and still so many posts to write about the phenomenal starlette. She was such a great talent and gave 100% in everything she did. I was extremely impressed with her performance on a project I’ve been trying to put together for a while. Some of you may recall a while back I posted a blog about the new catfights I’m developing via Webringit that are scored by points earned from slapping as well as submissions and not bases solely on the number of submissions. I personally feel that if girls are slapping each other and holding each other down, those actions should count for something rather than just give the victory to the girl who has the better technical skill in submissions. In every catfight site in the world, the winner is the girl who gets the most submissions. If you put a new girl with a girls who’s done it once or twice, the experienced girl will win more often than not. In MY system, the playing field is leveled out a little. Girls who are scrappy and don’t know that many submission can still get more points than a girl who does know submissions if the scrappy girl can land enough face or body slaps.  This makes girls rethink their strategy a lot. Do you wanna go for the submission where you only earn 10pts all the while the girl you are trying to submit slaps you face 20 times getting twice as many points as you….or…do if a girl has you in a hold where you can’t get out or slap her to get points, do you simply submit to get out of the position and give the girl the 10pts for that submission or do you  let her sit on top of you and slap the hell out of you and gain a point per slap…..she could realistically hold you there for the entire 6 minute round and score 1000points just on slapping. There are 3 rounds, each 6 minutes long. I had there be rounds so that there wouldn’t be 20 minutes of one girls just sitting on the other slapping the shit out of her.  I don’t wanna see that. I like to see it break up and change a little.

This concept sounded great in my head and in theory but actually executing it and getting great performances has been a challenge. Most girls who participate in these point system catfights end up puking during the match and needing long break. All the girls do a great job but sometimes the shoots take much longer than I anticipate. Working with a mega talent like Dia Zerva is a breath of fresh air. She gives producers what they want without ever missing a beat. She’s an amazing combatant on the mats and a delightful person to work with even when the cameras aren’t running.

Our points match was evenly matched, even though Dia had taken a few months off to recover from a neck injury which had caused her to pull out of the Summer Vengeance Tournment. This was one of the closest points matches we have had. You can check us out, in our super slutty jean shorts and torn  wife beaters by clicking this link. I’ve posted some pictures for you to see some of the action shots from this shoot. You can see in the pictures how real and intense these productions can get. Please check it out and let me know how you like the concept and also enjoy on of the last catfigths Dia performed in before she retired.

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