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Latest Photo shoot

It’s been a while since I’ve done just a “photoshoot” in which my whole purpose was to look “pretty”. Most of the shit I do now a days is to look tough or mean or bad ass. Most of the “photographers” who shoot on the wrestling scene are just guys with cameras who take candid shots of girls in action. there is little to no makeup and definately no touch ups afterwards. It’s rather nice to work with a glamour photographer who takes just pretty picture. It’s nice to have someone try to make me look feminine and cute. yeah yeah, I know I’m cute with or without the fancy lights makeup and photoshop…just like I was cute without the boob job..but jesuse fucking christ, I’m super hot WITH all those things and guess what, when a girl knows she’s hot, she’s willing to show off a little more….so heres goes.

here’s a set from last week’s photoshoot with JT photography. I must say..I dont look too shabby for a broad who hasn’t been able to work out in 12 weeks. I broke my toe back in august. couldn’t do any legs and/or cardio…then went to London…then had surgery and have been of training pretty much everything since boob surgery…but my diet has been super duper clean and my body has been leaning out like a mutha fucker. When I say I’ve had a clean diet I mean all I eat is chicken and broccoli and an occasion spaghetti plate. I eat so clean I’m starting to get a little B.O (look up symptoms of ketosis)…y’all body builders know what I’m talking about. I started taking Chlorophyll to make the B.O go away..it works wonders….pssst..body builders…..take it..it’s awesome and you smell and taste yummy…just a suggestion.  enjoy the first set mo fos…


5 Responses

  1. david_1980_10

    Love your new boobs! 🙂

  2. Lilf

    You look amazing, milf!!! xoxoox
    -Ur Lilf =)

  3. Heather

    LOvely, just f'n lovely …

  4. rajat

    you r looking soooooooooooooo sexy yar i want to fuck u.

  5. mark a

    very sexy butt! i would love to worship it!

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