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Stacy Burke Wrestling Erotica

I got to work with Stacy Burke  for a wrestling video that was quiet sexy if I do say so myself. The site is  Wrestling Erotica and the clip is available to purchase now if you like. You can become a member on the site of if you would just like to purchase the clip ou can go to their Clips4sale store.

But how about i tell you a little about the match before you go looking for it to purchase or before you ignore me altogether LOL. Stacy Burke is a babe..this is a fact…if you look up babe in the dictionary, there is actually a picture of Stacy Burke for the definition….and while you’re looking that up…go ahead and try to find gullible in the dictionary..can you believe they don’t put that word in the dictionary? crazy talk… but I digress.

Stacy Burke walked into the Studio..look like the babe she is..She’s a small thing…( smaller than I and that’s fucking small) She probably weighs all of 105lbs and 10 lbs of that is tits and another 10lbs is hair…she has lucious locks. I knew this wasn’t going to be a competitive match..no way…but we had a very cute script which involved me getting her naked and making her do some sexy stuff…so i was game. Anytime I have an excuse to overpower and molest a hot chick, I’m game!!! I must say that while I was working with this sexy tender babe, I was getting highly aroused. Thankfully this particular match called for a little perve action on my end and I could actually do to her, all the nasty little things I wanted to do.

something comes over me when I have a woman in my grips that I know couldn’t possibly do anything if I were to hold her down. I do feel empowered and let me tell you, power is a major turn on…when I’m the one with power LOL.

Now, of course this wasn’t competitive and Stacy wasn’t supposed to fight back but I know that if she did try..she wouldn’t get very far. I could have taken her soul and she wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it…so that day on the mats with her…I owned her and the fact that she didn’t fight back on purpose made it all the more fun 🙂

The plot is that I am dating Stacy’s ex boyfriend and I find out that she is still seeing him as well, behind my back. So I need to teach her a lesson and what better way to do that than to overpower her on the mats…give some cheesy banter back and forth about who this “boyfriend” likes more and then chase Stacy around with Gigantic dildos, threatening to fuck her with them after I kick her ass wrestling and then really fuck her with a nice solid strapon ….game, set,  match!!! bam just like that.

This was an interesting match however because I actually do get to fuck Stacy Burke..I had no idea she was s dirty little slut and would let me put things inside her vagina…but sure enough I looked up dirty little slut in the dictionary and there she was again…her picture, there for the definition…I love my dirty little slutty Stacy Burke. I will eventually stretch her tight pussy out so I can really use one of those giant dils on her….you hear that Stacy..your junk is MINE!!! and I know I can hold you down with one hand so you can’t run from me..your ass and every other hole is MINE


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  1. sailingchick1

    I normally don't like scripted wrestling, just not my thang, But this was incredibly hot! Folks should do themselves a favor and buy the whole full video it is worth every damn cent!!! I had the chance to meet Stacy at Fetish Con in Tampa last year. She is super nice and quite the hottie!!! You two should definately work together again.!!! Great chemistry!!!

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