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Evil Angel

I did a shoot for Evil Angel the other day. Some of you may or may not know that most of Evil Angel’s stuff is crazy anal stuff….at least all the stuff shot by the director I was working with, Jay Sin. I’ve worked with Jay Sin on a couple of movies in the past, like Lolipop Lesbiens and Anal Acrobats. Jay Sin creates artful pieces with girls doing unothodox things to their asses. It’s all smut, yes but it’s beautiful smut. It’s shot well, he uses good looking girls and he uses great musis as well.

This time I was shooting ith Bobbi Starr and Tori Black. These scene starts with Bobbi and Tori explaining how to make and extra dirty martini. Bobbi eplains that the first ingredient is “spit”. The two girls gathered their spittle up in a large martini glass. I then crawled in with olives jammed into my mouth and dumped the olives into the martini glass and added my own spittle. Bobby then Grabed an extra large, hot pink dildo and banged my ass with it in 2 positions.

evil dong

So after they banged my bum with this big pink thing Bobbi and I got to do our work on little Tori. This was Tori’s first anal scene with a toy!! She did a great job. She to did 2 positions and took it like a champ. Then it was Bobbi’s turn. Bobbi is a gapping Queen!!! Her butt just spread like the red sea for us. She’s a turn anal star.

The day went smooth. I will let y’all know when the video is out and I will of course post trailers and such as they become available to me. This movie is definately worth checking out.


3 Responses

  1. Bobby

    I've said how much I appreciate and admire your svelte figure, and while you have a tight little bottom, I do love the fleshy round apple bottoms of Bobbi and Flower T, and Bella R. I am glad to see you working with Bobbi. i'm also so very hot for her too. She seems so sweet but is so naughty and can be pretty dominant too.
    But nothing can compare with you. Your You Tube video where you are doing the bicep curls is so hot and your sooooo, sooooo sassy. You are complex. In so many of your videos you are super sweet and girly, contrast that with you shoving some poor little girls face in the wrestling mat and slapping her, and never mind the ass rape you give her at the end.
    Hugs and kisses

  2. raka sasmita

    hai ariel i think this is great,great schene you wich boby star ,

  3. Wildebeest

    Hi big UK fan here. Curious about your shoot for Anal Acrobats with Jay Sin – did you ever blog about that? Would love to know what you thought of it..

    Ta..! x x

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