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My Weekend and a Shoot with Natalie Demore

This weekend I went to the world famous swinger’s club Freedom Acres. It’s all the way out in BFE San Bernardino. My guy had been a couple times years back. He said it was a pretty crazy place, with couples having sex all over the  place. He told me when he went the first time there were some really amazing looking people. He also did warn me that the last time that the quality of people wasn’t so awesome. I have been hearing about FA for several years now. I was curious to see what it was like. My guy and I had been saying for a while that we should get a big group of friends  together and head out to FA and bang in every room. This weekend was a great opportunity to go because our friend was having her birthday party at FA and had already invited several beautiful awesome friends of ours to attend. So we made the trek out there. Now I don’t want to bad mouth the place or say anything bad about it. It is a lovely place and very accommodating for swingers. It’s a great concept…have a club made specifically for couples to hook up with other couples or what ever…sounds great. ….the only problem was, we showed up late, around 11pm and the crowd was no less than unappealing. The ones who were still there were extremely unattractive and a little creepy. As soon as we walked into the club every one’s eyes were glued to us. We were forced to go on a tour of the place since it was my first time. So we walked from room to room to check the place out and everywhere we went…short, pug-looking couples would gawk at us..their girls would grab at me trying to get my attention…I felt like a snob…I felt like an asshole…but don’t fucking touch me dude!!! The club said there is a strict no touching rule unless it is consensual…and my friends the grabs I got were not consensual…which is not the club’s fault..I blame it on the alcohol.

We met up with our group of friends and hung out, alienating ourselves from the rest of the crowd, again..I felt like a snob..I wasn’t trying to come off that way but I certainly didn’t want any of the couples to approach me, especially since my guy and I do not swap..I  do not fuck guys and most of the couples at that club are looking to swap. I felt like it would have been a waste of any couples time to talk to us so I avoided eye contact with everyone there. My guy and I went up to one of the beds, put down lots of towels and banged and banged and banged….it was awesome! After we got done banging  our group decided to head over to someones house to have our own after party. At the after party I got to wrestle 2 guys 🙂 drunken wrestling is really fun. I even wrestled one guy who was naked and he had his elbo on my hair and I couldn’t move with his hand pinning my hair down so I yanked his wiener …that got his attention and he let my hair go 🙂 my boyfriend wasn’t’ exactly trilled to see me touch another dude”s wee wee..but after I explained why I did it he understood. 🙂 So the naked dude actually kicked my butt..he got me with a kimora…he offered to train me but he lives in long beach and I refuse to drive 2 hours for lessons. 🙁 sorry naked guy I still love you. 🙂

The next day I did a shoot at Dom Con with weekend for MIB productions. I shot with them last year at the convention as well. They paired me up with Natalie Demore. I rather enjoy working with Natalie. She seems like a little soft kitten but she can be a meanie.

The scenario was that I was a mainstream model looking for an agent to show me the ropes or modeling. Natalie is a big time agent who knows what’s hot when it’s hot and can make anyone into a star. So I go in for my interview and Natalie decides that Fetish models are hot right now and needs to show me how to be a fetish model. She ties me up, flogs me, spanks me, slaps me. I have to say..I was a little hung over from going to freedom acres the day before..after all we were up until 8am and I got 2 hours of sleep before my MIB shoot and what ever the hell was going on with my body was amazing because with every spank Natalie gave me I was getting more and more aroused. In between breaks I would text my BF asking if he could spank me when I got home….I was in high heaven. 🙂 I had to do this dildo that was suction cupped to a glass table..I’m glad I have been doing squats because the way I was doing that dil was killing my legs and if I didn’t work out I surely wouldn’t have been able to do it.

The last scene Natalie banged me in the butt with her strap on and forced me to insert and dildo hitachi into myself giving myself a DP. She banged me hard against a mirror while she video taped me. I came several times, each time asking for permission before I came.

I was able to take one picture of myself on my phone..I like this outfit, hope you guys enjoy 🙂




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  1. lol note, in the pic the pepto and imodium on the counter….prepping for anal always fun

  2. Vee

    Thanks for clearing that up about the pic! Nice outfit!
    Sounds like you had a entertaining weekend.
    I think I remember Natalie, she was zapping your ass with those electro pad thingies and had you tied to a bed… Actually I think that happened to U several times 🙂

    Have a great Birthday!

  3. Morbidb

    Looks like my counter after brazillian bbq

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  5. hai ariel yours white natalie demore very special good patner

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