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I got to go up and wrestle for the good people at Academy Wrestling!!!  I actually flew up with the two girls I was to work with, Sinn Sage and Osa Lovely. Osa had never wrestled before, she was completely fresh meat. We decided that it would be a good idea to have Sinn and I wrestle first so that Osa could see what we were doing and how the matches go. Sinn and I started out on our knees. I jumped right at her and tried to swing her into a head lock but she’s a frisky dingo and she stopped me. I under estimated her strength and skills. Sinn Sage is a very strong woman and she had some very good skills. She did get me in a Kimora to which I did submit. I got her with a leg scissor, a breast smoother, a knee bar and some other submissions. But she wasn’t easy, She was a pain in my ass for sure. I think you might be able to guess who won and who got fucked but I won’t share to many details as I think you should watch the match at academywrestling.com for yourself.

I was then let loose on Osa. I had a break between matches but I was still tired. I, again under estimated my oponent. Osa didn’t have any wrestling skills but she is very very strong ( she use to be a personal trainer) and she is a smart girl and picked up on things easily. She basically tried doing everything I did to her, to me. But she failed miserabably and I had to whoop her up and down the mat with all types of submissions.  she wasn’t able to get me in any submissions so I HAD to fuck her. She was an amazing fuck. Her skin is so smooth and soft and her “come fuck me” eyes are so sexy they are almost hypnotic. I put her in so many possitions it was so much fun.

I was done for the day but I was allowed to stay and watch and kinda shout out tips to Osa from the sidelines in her match with Sinn.

It was very hard to watch Osa and Sinn, There I had 2 amazing asses staring me in the face and I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to sit and watch those two babes roll around. I went crazy.

It was so much fun. Both girls had so much spunk. I really look forward to destroying them again sometime in the near future  🙂


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  1. Ken

    Hi Ariel,

    So, do you have a preference between wrestling and catfighting? I enjoy watching you either way, but just was wondering if you look forward to one style over the other when getting ready for a match.



  2. You’re just so AMAZINGLY hot, Ariel, you make this old dyke so horny watching your sexy ass … makes me wanna get into the ring with you … to fight to fuck or to be fucked … what an EROTIC idea! Hmmm! Dirty wink! 🙂

    Meaow hugs & purrs

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