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This last weekend was really busy for me. I’ve wanted to blog about my shoot with Webringit.com but I had another shoot I wanted to blog about and i didn’t want to mix the blogs together. Both shoots deserved to have their own special blogs.

I went up to shoot with the good people at webringit.com. I had the most exciting weekend of my life. The first day of shooting was “easy”. We shot a bunch of still with Dia Zerva , Dakota and myself. The stills were really fun. We played out scenarios that would lead us into a “fight”. It was like slow motion cat fighting so we could take pictures. After the stills were done, Dia and I were finally allowed to do a little squirming around all sweaty and nasty like. The story is that I had an arm wrestling match at my “office” and I won all the girls. Dia makes some sassy comment about how I only won because all the girl at my office are wussies. So I challenge Dia to a game of Mercy right then and there. We decide that the winner of 2 out of 3 matches would be the victor. I’ve actually never played mercy. I might have as a kid but certainly never in my adult life. Dia kicked my ass at Mercy, I just could grasp the concept of how I was supposed to turn her wrist so she definately whooped me on that 2 times in a row.  Obviously I wasn’t happy with loosing the game of mercy so I challenge her to an arm wrestling match.  The arm wrestling was not staged. We actually arm wrestled. Dia kicked my ass. I wasn’t happy with her kicking my ass so I challenge her to a “Queen of the Bed” match. We got on the bed and the point was to kick the other girl entirely off the bed. We wrestled around a little. Dia was not the queen of the bed!!!! I won…finally. Well Dia said I was lucky for winning and she would kick my ass in a real wrestling match…so we took it to the mats.

We decided that who ever did a face sit pin first would be the victor. So we went at it…..and at it. and at it. Dia is one of the best girls I have wrestled since I’ve actually developed some skills. When I first started wrestling I had no idea what I was doing so if I was up against another girl who had no idea what she was doing either she could easily win me if she just knew a little more than I. Dia is a strong girl and she is relentless. I won’t say who won because that shoot was a custom, made for a very special person so I don’t want to ruin the ending should that person ever stumble upon this blog.

The next day was an entire morning of shooting fun matches. I finally got to work with Dakota. Dakota and I went about 15+ minutes of nonstop grappling before one of us submitted…..I submitted to her freakn’ leg scissor. Dakota has the most powerful grip with those limps of hers. She got me a few times but I was able to get free some how. The time she got me I knew she got me and I just had to tap. I didn’t stand a chance. I love working with Dakota because she’s like me in that she doesn’t like to take long breaks….she just wants to get things done. If I take a long break I get relaxed which weakens me. So after the first tap we went at it again. We went probably another 3 minutes and she got me in her luscious bosom. She held me there, never letting up and I was so smoothered in those honkers I had to tap. I got jealous because I thought I would never be able to submit a girl with my titties like that because I’m so small. But after having Dakota do it to me, I saw how it was done and I was able to use that knowlege in my match yesterday up at Academy Wrestling against Sinn Sage….but I will blog about that later. So Dakota schooled me…Yup…she did.

Dakota then went on to Wrestle Dia. It was soooooooooooo much fun watching those two skilled women go at it. Dia couldn’t take the leg squeeze of Dakota either. She tapped early. Dia and Dakota went at it for almost 30 minutes getting each other into submissions. I won’t tell you who won, I think you will have to join the site to check out that match, It’s very intense.

Well Dakota worn Dia out for me. Dia had to wrestle me after taking a break after her fight with Dakota.  I get so excited when I wrestle, but when I wrestle awesome girls like Dakota and Dia I turn into a mega perv. It was sooooooooo hard not to rip their panties off. Dia and I went at it. We were both relentless. I had her in some stuff that I thought for sure she would tap on but she didn’t. I’d get so annoyed. She’d get me in a rear naked choke and think that for sure I’d tap but I wouldn’t and she’d get so annoyed. It went back and forth like that. Finally I got her to tap, I forgot what I did but jesus it took some work. She got me to tap finally in a choke. Again, I wont give you to many details, I won’t tell you who won, I think you should check it out for yourself.

Over all I had a great weekend. I got to wrestle at Kink, then for webring it. I had 3 days in a row of wrestling hot babes. WHAT A GREAT LIFE I HAVE!!!!webringit.com


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  1. Ken

    As someone who has personally experienced Dakota’s scissors, I understand quite clearly what you felt. I can hardly wait for the vids to come out.

  2. LifeOnVenus

    Hey Ariel, I really enjoyed reading about your wrestling matches. You write with such detail that I can easily visualize the matches in my mind. I also just wanted to add that you look absolutely amazing in that photograph.

    I’m really happy that you are involved in things that you are most passionate about. It shows just how much you love what you do and are doing what you love. How many of us can truly say that? You do have a great life. I’ll always be in your corner.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Sounds awesome … I get all excited & turned on reading about it … can't imagine how HOT it would be if we ever met in real life … TEE HEE!!! 🙂


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